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A True HEAT MacGyver

“I worked with Gregor at Lehigh Cement, implementing the HEAT IT Service Management System. Gregor had developed a Best Practice system for the Frontrange business partner, Avante Solutions, and his experience with HEAT ITSM (now Ivanti Service Manager) was next level. Highly technical and business process focused at the same time, holistic approach, offering the latest solutions, best practice advice, and unique, simple, yet effective solutions to the most complex challenges. A true HEAT MacGyver!

— Jason McGuire | Lehigh Cement| Project Manager

HEAT Consultant, Ivanti Consultant

Former Kifinti Solutions Consultant releases a19 UAT Test Scripts Module for Ivanti Best Practices System

Gregor, a former Kifinti Solutions Consultant, is without doubt a unique and distinctive authority in the Ivanti ITSM space with his consulting and development experience and extensive insight to best practices going back over 24 years with the HEAT and now Ivanti ISM/IAM products.

Kifinti Solutions Consultant Gregor
Gregor Anton
a19 Consulting
“Give me just 19 minutes of your time,
and I guarantee
I will streamline your
Ivanti Service Manager implementation”

Providing HEAT Best Practices and now Ivanti Best Practices, since 1996, with his tested and true implementations and upgrades, Gregor now focuses on his company a19 Consulting which provides Ivanti Professional Services and Ivanti Best Practices.

Ivanti Best Practices

Developing, streamlining, best practices and latest solutions for fortune 500 companies and Frontrange Business Partners (Change Control, Avante Solutions, Kifinti Solutions) and Ivanti Business Partners (Kifinti Solutions, DDS IT), worldwide.

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a19 UAT Test Scripts Module for Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT)

The a19 UAT Test Scripts module significantly improves your Ivanti Service Manager Implementation, Upgrades, and collaboration internally and with your Ivanti Consultant.

Gone are the days of using Excel for UAT Test Scripts, or worse, heading into darkness without UAT Test Scripts!

Long time Ivanti Consultants, Ivanti Business Partners, and Ivanti Customers alike only dream of having a simple UAT Test tool that cuts their implementation time and cost.

Lets face it, when you’re implementing Ivanti Service Manager, you want to focus on strategy and quick execution. Validation Testing is the #1 problem with most ISM Implementations, upgrades, customizations, and integrations due to a lack of UAT Test Scripts.

The #2 problem is a lack of process. With an average of over 100 test cases, you need a tool that redefines your Ivanti Service Manager Validation Process.

The #3 problem is collaboration. How do you keep your team’s morale up and focused on the key areas for testing when you don’t have a proper UAT Testing System that’s real-time, easy-to-use, and clearly defines key roles, responsibilities, and lets the Subject Matter Experts focus on their area of expertise when you don’t have a proper system?!

On top of that, you need precise, concise, timely, and relevant Test Cases and Results to make informed decision and identify actions needed, all while keeping a bird’s eye view with relevant dashboards, analytics, simplified ISM Change Control, and an executive summary.

Former Kifinti Solutions Consultant - now focusing on a19 consulting Best Practices and Ivanti Professional Services
“Give me just 19 minutes of your time,
and I guarantee
I will streamline your
Ivanti Service Manager UAT Testing

Contact Gregor at a19 Consulting

and take your UAT Testing to the next level!

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Password Resets – Incident or Service Request

Incidents (Break/Fix) and Service Requests (New/Change to Service) are often long debated by companies new to ITSM (IT Service Management).

Password Reset Requests do not make the differentiation any easier.  Are they a break/fix or service request?

The subject actually goes much deeper as Incidents are viewed negatively.  More incidents, more issues, higher IT instability.  While Service Requests are positively viewed as a demand for IT services.

HEAT Consultant, Ivanti Consultant, Ivanti HEAT Consultant, Ivanti Service Manager, Tips

Service Request enforcing Task Completion

If you want to enforce completion of tasks (assignments) for Service Requests when a Service Request has been fulfilled or closed then you can use a Validation Rule with the following criteria:

$(Status not in (“Closed”, “Fulfilled”) ||
$(Status in (“Completed”, “Cancelled”, “Rejected”))))

Ivanti Service Manager, Tips

Ivanti Service Manager Hot Key (Keyboard Shortcuts)

Holding down ALT will show you the “keyboard shortcuts” (hot keys) that are available. with Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT).

For more information please visit the Ivanti Service Manager Online Help

Keyboard Shortcut Action
Alt+T Toggles between the active panel and the toolbar.

Top-Level Menus

Keyboard Shortcut Action
Alt+W Opens the More… menu from the top-level header bar. This is where you see all the workspaces available to you. This does not work from inside dashboards.

Business Object Workspaces

These keyboard shortcuts may or may not be available, depending on the specific business object workspace.

Keyboard Shortcut Action
Alt+A Opens the Action Menu.
Alt+C Closes the record.
Alt+D Deletes the record.
Alt+E Starts a remote control session.
Alt+G Opens the Go To… menu.
Alt+H Posts a message to the Social Board with the record.
Alt+I Pins the record to the watch list.
Alt+L Shows the list view.
Alt+N Creates a new record.
Alt+Shift+N Shows the New… menu, which allows you to create a new record from a template.
Alt+P Adds a problem to the record.
Alt+R Refreshes the workspace.
Alt+Q Requests a change.
Alt+T Prints the record.
Alt+U Attaches an issue and resolution article.
Alt+/ Opens the quick search menu.
Alt+\ Opens the saved search menu.
Alt+Tab Moves to the next control.
Alt+Shift+Tab Moves to the previous control.

Keyboard Shortcuts in a Workspace

List View

All keyboard shortcuts available in the business object workspaces, plus the following additional keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard Shortcut Action
Alt+D Deletes a record.
Alt+E Resolves the record.
Alt+P Prints the record.

Form View

Keyboard Shortcut Action
Alt+C Closes a record.
Alt+D Deletes a record.
Alt+H Shares the record.
Alt+L Opens the list view.
Alt+S Saves the record.
Alt+Shift+ right arrow Moves to the next record.
Alt+Shift+left arrow Moves to the previous record.

Used for forms that have tabs. Moves to the next child panel or header form. This is the same as clicking on the next tab. For example, in the screen below, if you are currently viewing the Detailstab, if you click Alt+Shift+K, you move to the Resolution Details tab.

If you are already viewing the last tab, clicking Alt+Shift+K opens the list of additional tabs.  This is the same as clicking the + button on the right (not shown above).

Alt+Shift+J Moves to the previous child panel or header form. This is the same as clicking on the previous tab.
Tab Moves to the next control.
Shift+Tab Moves to the previous control.
Tab Moves the navigation from the list of tabs to inside the child panel.

When you are in a read-only control where you cannot enter any text, such as the child panel below, you do not need to use a modifier. You can just click the keyboard shortcut without the modifier and achieve the same result.  For example, below, if you click N in the incident list, the system displays the New Incident window. If you click Alt+N, the system also opens the New Incident window.

Keyboard Shortcuts in a Read-Only Child Panel

However, if you are in a child panel that is not read-only, which means you can enter data into the form, as shown below, you must use a modifier. Below, if you click  Alt+N, the system opens the New Problem window. You cannot access the New Incident form from here.

Keyboard Shortcuts in a Not Read-Only Child Panel

Popup Menus

Keyboard Shortcut Action
Esc Closes the popup menu without saving the data.
Ctrl+Enter Saves the data and closes the popup menu.
Tab Moves to the next control.
Shift+Tab Moves to the previous control.